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Kim & Aleks

From the first meeting we had such an amazing connection with Louis and we were so excited to have him be apart of our wedding! Our entire experience was relaxing and fun and this was thanks to Louis! He was by far the most personably and amazing photographer. He was so good at getting me to relax through the photos, something I would never have imagined! All my wedding guests and wedding party said through out the day that Louis was the best photographer they ever saw! He was willing to walk into a river just to get a shot we were dying for! All our photos were not just showcasing the beautiful scenery of our wedding venue but also captured our spirits and personalities. When I think back to our wedding experience I know that it was so amazing thanks to Louis! Lots of love and appreciation !!

Flore & Alex

We wanted a destination wedding to be able to dedicate time to all of our loved ones. We met Louis at the wedding of our friends, and we not only liked the beautiful portfolio, but we also had a very friendly experience as guests. When we decided to get married, Louis was an obvious choice. He offered us a package that exactly fit our needs: a full coverage of our 3 events, with great flexibility, and an effortless sense of fun! We have an awesome final product, versatile and modern. He captured so many emotions and great moments, he did not miss anyone at the party, and he was able to push for some traditional pictures, that turned into playful moments and great memories. He is also an avid traveler, so he was not scared to travel an ocean to work with us, and he was able to take wonderful pictures of the decor and landscape. Merci Louis!

Delphine & Geoffrey 

Simply amazing. Let's put it this way: Louis can photograph an ugly guy and turn it into a beautiful one (without Photoshop) You don't ask magicians to show you their tricks but I'd love to know how he does it. Back to our wedding: we have all the beautiful pictures we wanted. All the key moments of that day are in our wedding album. And our ugly relatives (we all have a few of them, don't we?) look way sexier in pictures than in real life ;-)

*    *    *

Ludivine & Alexandre

Only one word : Amazing, from the beginning to the end.First of all, Louis is friendly, funny and passionate, you will find this passion in all the pictures he took for you.All day long Louis makes you comfortable, joking and laughing but sometimes you won't even notice he is there.After your wedding, when looking at the pictures, you will be surprised about how they give you all the emotion again.The pictures are gorgeous and unique. My wife and I are so glad to have had Louis as photographer for our wedding and don't hesitate to recommend him to all our friends and family.

*    *    *

Chloe & Seb

We met Louis at a cousins wedding, and in the past I never was fond of wedding photographers. Either too corny, or too formal, they probably took good pictures but it was lacking the magic a good photographer must have: getting people excited about taking a picture, have them smile and truly deliver their best expressions!That's what Louis does the best, socialize with the people, get to know them, make them laugh and capture the essence of joy, love and happiness. He has always been very professional, responsive, and the type of person you know you can trust. After our wedding he got a few more jobs of friends getting married! We are going to another wedding next week where Louis will be there, and I am now happy to see him as a friend! Outstanding experience!

*    *    *

Samantha & Hannah

We are so pleased that we chose Louis to photograph our wedding! He was a pleasure to work with and made us feel like our wedding was his top priority. The images that Louis captured from our wedding day were remarkable. He made sure to arrange for the shots that we wanted, while also allowing his talent and creativity to capture beautiful moments that we could not have anticipated. Louis is a true professional in every sense of the word - he was responsive, easy to work with, had a brilliant eye for great shots, and blended into our wedding crowd so well that he was able to take candid photos throughout the night. Louis is the best of the best!

*    *    *

Marie & Arthur

My wife handled all the preparations for the wedding except for one thing: the photographer. I was determined to find the absolute best one in order to keep memories for a lifetime. I listed all the professionals working in our area, proceeded to take notes and rate them one by one.
Louis David rated highest on my list, I was blown away by the purity and emotions in his photos. It felt like I actually attended those weddings of exceptional people. That's when I realized how incredibly talented he is at capturing precious moments and revealing feelings.
He was my first choice and he greatly exceeded our expectations: he is an artist with creative ideas, a great technician, an entertainer and an experienced professional prepared for every possible situation.
What I liked most about him during our wedding:
- Always one step ahead: he made sure he always was at the right place at the right time. He didn't miss a single thing (preparations, cars, parents, kisses, speeches...)
- Smooth and confident: as an experienced professional, he knew where to go, how to interact with the staff, what to avoid.
- Good taste: he helped us shape a modern, beautiful and fun atmosphere with his suggestions. Thanks to him we avoided corny cliches.
- Interactions with the guests: he was actively engaging our guests and made sure everyone got a picture. Our shy cousins even expressed how grateful they were he sought them out for a shot, and he made everyone happy!
- Creative ideas: an original high-end Polaroïd camera to take a few shots, a portable photo studio where all our guests went completely crazy until late in the night (costumes and props), surreal pictures of the venue in the moonlight
- Backup equipment: he had so much of it! (dual cards backing each other up, backup cameras, flash, etc.) We knew our memories were safe.
- Up-to-date on technology: As an IT professional, I can vouch for him as a computer savvy person. He knows how to properly handle, retouch and transfer photos with the best tools available. In addition to the photo book we received, he gave us access to all the photos in digital format in maximum quality.

Family and friends enjoyed the photos so much, most of them still use their portraits as their profile photo in Facebook or LinkedIn, and many asked for his contact.
We also hired Louis for a shoot in Stockholm, Sweden for a couple of days, and if we're lucky to have him again, I hope he can get pictures of our newly grown family.

I highly recommend Louis David, he is a world-class photographer with a sharp mind and a big heart."

*    *    *

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