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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What type of photography do you do?
  • A: Short answer : a mix of journalistic and documentary style with a fun and modern touch.
  • Q:  Are you willing to travel to my destination wedding?
  • A:  Absolutely.  I am an experienced destination wedding photographer and I love traveling.
  • Q: Do you have insurance? 
  • A: Yes, absolutely, and if your venue requires it, please let me know at least 2 months in advance so that my insurance company have time to issue the proper document for the venue.
  • Q: Do you have back up gear?
  • A: Yes, I have at least two cameras and both have a dual memory card slot in backup mode, so in the unlikely event of one card failing, I'd still have all the pictures safe and sound on the other card.
  • Q: Do you do engagement sessions?
  • A: Yes, I love shooting engagement sessions, they are also a great opportunity to spend time together before the wedding. It's also a great way for you to get used to be in front of my camera.
  • Q: My wedding is in upstate New York, do you charge a travel fee?
  • A: If the location is only a short drive from NYC (less than 1 hour) I normally do not charge an additional amount. If it’s too far to drive back to NYC the same day, I only ask for a night in a hotel to be covered, for my safety and the safety of your pictures :)
  • Q: Do we get the high resolution files? (Digital Negatives)?
  • A: Yes ! I will select the best images from the day, each of those images are hand edited and I give you the license to reproduce your wedding images for personal use.
  • Q: How many pictures do you take and how many will we get?
  • A: Since I shoot digitally, I do not limit the number of pictures I will take during your wedding day and on average I give 400-800 photos minimum.
  • Q: What are your prices for a wedding ? 
  • A: For a wedding in NYC, the investment starts at 4300$ for an 8h package, for more information, please contact me and I'll gladly send you all the information on all the packages and options.

  • Q: Do you make albums?
  • A: Yes I do, I work with Queensberry, they have a wide range of amazing hand made albums.
  • Q: Can we order prints through you? 
  • A: Yes, I have a client proofing website where you or your family and friends can order prints from. You can also do it on your own if you would like, but it’s easier to do it through me and the lab I work with is one of the top professional lab in the US.
  • Q: Do you do video? 
  • A: No, but I know some really good people who do, and I can get you in touch with them.
  • Q: Should we feed you at the reception?
  • A: Yes, please and during the same time as everyone else at the reception, usually I'm seated with the guests.
  • Q: When do we get our photos?
  • A: your images will be ready for you to view and delivered 8 to 12 weeks after your wedding date. Each image is individually selected and edited by me and this process takes time :)
  • Q: Do you only shoot weddings?
  • A: No, even though it is my specialty, I also do corporate, portraits, families and travel photography, you can see all my other work here :
  • Q: Where do you live ?
  • A: Its a tricky question, I would say I spend half of my time in NY and the US, and the other half in Belgium and traveling the world, to give you an idea, in 2015 I flew 90 times and in 2016 I flew 76 times.
  • Q: Do you speak other languages? 
  • A: Yes I do, I'm fluent in French, I have a decent level in Spanish and I can hold a basic conversation in Portuguese.
  • Q: How do we book you?
  • A: First send me a message with all your wedding info, then if I'm available we will meet in person so we can get to know each other better (or via Skype if I'm out of the country) I think this part is really important, we'll be spending together one of the most emotional day of your life, it is important that you feel comfortable with me ; and lastly, I ask for a signed agreement and half of the day’s fee after signing the contract, then I am all yours! The balance is due the day of your wedding.

Should you have any other questions, please email me :

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